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Effective Date: 1st April 2024

Welcome to, where creativity meets compliance, and privacy isn't just a word we struggle to spell correctly. We're based in the heart of Surbiton, Surrey, where the tea is strong and the privacy laws are stronger. This policy aims to keep you informed about what information we collect, why we collect it, and how we protect your privacy faster than you can say "Elon Musk" three times fast.

What Information Do We Collect?

  • Personal Info: Your name, email, and details you might share while booking a course that turns heads faster than a squirrel on a skateboard.

  • Cookies: Not the chocolate chip kind, unfortunately. These are digital ones that track how you interact with our site, ensuring you don't have to reintroduce yourself every time you visit.

  • Usage Data: How you navigate our site, including but not limited to the amount of time you spend admiring our services.

Why Do We Collect This Info?

  • To Serve You: Personalising your experience because you're not just any customer; you're our customer.

  • To Improve: We use feedback and data to continuously enhance our website and services. We're like a snooker player, always aiming to improve our shot.

  • To Communicate: Keeping you in the loop about updates, services.

Sharing Your Information

We treat your data like a secret family recipe - not to be shared. However, we may disclose your information if required by law or if you violate our Terms of Service (like using a drone to deliver our Training without permission).

Your Rights

You've got rights, and we respect them. You can:

  • Access the information we hold about you.

  • Request we correct any incorrect information.

  • Ask us to delete your data, understanding that we might need to keep some for legal reasons (like tax records).

Cookies (Still Not Edible)

Our site uses cookies to keep things running smoothly. You can adjust your browser settings if you're not a fan, but some parts of our site might not work as well.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

We may update this policy faster than a new DJI drone model comes out. We'll post any changes on this page, so be sure to check back faster than you'd RSVP to a poker night.

Contact Us

Got questions? Feel free to reach out. We're more responsive than an over-caffeinated graphic designer on a deadline.

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  • Company Number 13869639
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