First Perception’s Bed Watch Service sets a new standard in ensuring the safety and security of individuals within various sectors. Designed to cater to the unique needs of healthcare facilities, mental health institutions, and rehabilitation centres, our Bed Watch Team is committed to providing a vigilant and compassionate presence. Tasked with maintaining a watchful eye on patients, our dedicated team ensures the well-being of individuals requiring special attention. Whether it’s overnight monitoring, crisis intervention, or ensuring a secure environment, our Bed Watch Service goes beyond traditional security, prioritizing both safety and empathy. At First Perception, we understand the delicate nature of these environments and are proud to contribute to the peace of mind of both healthcare providers and those under their care.

In the healthcare landscape, patient well-being is of utmost importance. First Perception Security introduces the Bed Watch Service, an indispensable solution for healthcare facilities striving to maintain a secure and serene environment for patients during their recovery journeys.

At First Perception, our Bed Watch Service is not just about security; it’s about fostering an atmosphere of trust, empathy, and support. Our dedicated team understands the delicate nature of healthcare environments and strives to create an ambiance where patients can focus on their recovery with peace of mind. Trust First Perception to provide a watchful presence that goes beyond standard security, contributing to the overall well-being of patients in healthcare settings.

Working with children and young people

Working with Local Authorities, hospitals and the Police. We understand the importance and sensitivity and confidentiality especially when caring for and supporting children and young people. Our highly trained and dedicated professionals ensure all patients are made to first and foremost feel safe.

This is supported by a sympathetic and transparent approach to the patients needs. To be the light in the dark when feeling distressed and vulnerable.

A point of contact around the clock. We maintain a high level of interaction with our clients, with regular updates as and when required. No matter how small the situation maybe, be assured that your in the supporting hands of experienced and motivated staff.

Bedside Observations, NHS and Private Trusts

In-House or off site bespoke patient support for children, young people and adults. Specialists in Mental Health care. Supporting the NHS, Private Hospitals and the Police Expert care irrespective of patient presentation.

An Holistic approach to patient needs. Keeping compassion and empathy at the forefront of anything we do relating to patient care.

We’re tailored to your requirements

At First Perception we listen and respond to our clients specific needs. We are one hundred per cent committed to providing the right level of staffing and a unique flexibility to adapt if situations change.

We also work closely with our clients making sure that value for money is achieved irrespective of the case in hand. Good communication via the initial booking stage is key to getting it right. Give us a call, or simply visit our website to find out more.

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