Behind every great event, there should be a high quality, professional safety team. At First Perception we have a specialist event and leisure safety team that delivers practical safety solutions to events across the UK. We combine our experience to reduce costs, enhance the service delivery, and therefore assist our clients to deliver the safest event possible.


First Perception provides support, advice and knowledge, enabling our clients to get on with their core tasks, confident that we will develop a complete safe system of work, that dovetails into the overall event management plan.

We communicate and liaise with our clients and other stakeholders (emergency services, local authorities, etc.) to ensure safe plans are delivered at a strategic and operational level, to everyone’s satisfaction.

Services are varied, according to the size, scale and complexity of the event and include:

  • Risk Assessments

  • Safety Plans

  • Capacity & Evacuation Methodology and Calculations

  • Safe Site Design

  • Traffic Management Design Plan & Operation

  • Contractor Due Diligence Checks

  • Emergency & Resilience Planning

  • Crowd Management Planning

  • Accident & Incident Investigation

  • Fire Risk Assessments

  • Safety Training

  • Venue or Event Risk Assessments

  • Phone: 020 8050 9092
  • Email: info@firstperception.co.uk
  • Company Number 13869639
  • VAT Number 431011759
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