What are Fire Marshals?

Conventionally, fire marshals were limited to commercial properties and were typically a member of staff who had been suitably trained in fire prevention and fire evacuation. Currently, countless residential buildings such as accommodation, student Halls & venues have fire wardens, though it is generally outsourced due to required qualifications appose to one of the residents.


What duties do Fire Marshals oversea?

Critically, having a fire marshal is all about prevention. During a pre-site visit your fire marshal will be assessing that your building is as free of potential fire risks as it can be. They will check fire signage and emergency lighting, run fire drills, liaise with the local fire service, and so much more. They will also be proactive in identifying fire hazards as they arrive and reporting them to the appropriate member of the management team.

All of this said, accidents can still happen, and all the precautions will not prevent every fire from taking place. It is the fire marshal’s job to safeguard that everybody is out of the structure and accounted for. This is where the regular drills come into play. If not already done so, the fire warden will also raise the alarm and liaise with the fire service as and when they reach the scene, compiling a complete report on the causes of the fire, to prevent such an incident from recurring.

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