So Why Should You Change Security Companies?

Arriving late, laziness, unfriendly, untidy. All qualities you DO NOT want in a Security Operative, particularly if they are responsible for protecting your business.

At First Perception Ltd, we are constantly aiming to improve our company and our staff, which is why we have an robust booking system to make sure staff arrive on site on site.

All of our guards are given company uniforms and will always arrive with a smart and professional appearance.

If The Security Operatives Are Not Properly Qualified

All security Operatives working for a private security company must be SIA (Security Industry Authority) licensed, if they are not then they have been illegally employed – a definite sign to change security company. The best way to ensure this, is to check that your security company is an SIA approved contractor which means that they adhere to certain standards and regulations. You can find the register of approved contractors here.

Security working on construction sites may arguably have to take on more responsibility than most, which is why it is essential for them to have adequate health and safety training. This ensures that they know how to behave appropriately in a hazardous environment.


You’re Not Getting The Right Price

If you have been charged less for the same service.

This can be down to a number of reasons, including:

  • If the security provider you are with is giving you more services than you need as a package without the option to do it separately.

  • If you don’t feel safe. This usually means that the security company are not doing their job properly and you are wasting your money.

  • If you have been let down by the quality of service.

  • If you are not receiving as much security as you want/need.

How Can You Fix This?

  1.  Check your current security contract to ensure you are within your rights to either end it earlier than was originally planned or are coming to the end of the contract term.

  2.  Go over your business’s current monthly costs – how much is your security costing you? At First Perception Ltd, we will match or beat this price.

  3.  Decide whether you are happy with the service that you are currently receiving; is it more than you need, or not enough?

  4.  Visit the Contact Us page, fill out the form.

  5.  Receive your FREE Quote.

  6.  Switch Security Companies

  7.  Enjoy low-cost, high-quality security

  8.  Expect regular monitoring of our Security Operatives as well as having access to frequent reports. These can include guard attendance and location of guards as well as many other reports specific to what you want as a business and how often you would like to receive the reports.

If you are unsure of what you need, visit our services page, or call us on 020 8050 9092 We can offer you advice on what security solutions will be appropriate for your needs.

If you already know what you want, you can get your FREE quotation by filling out our short form. Alternatively you can contact us.


  • Corporate Security for Hotels and Offices

  • Reception Security

  • Door Supervisors for licensed sectors

  • Event Security

  • Close Protection Operatives

  • Dog Handlers

  • Control Room Operators (CCTV)

  • Property Security Services



Elevate the security of your establishment with our Door Supervision service. Our skilled personnel are not just gatekeepers; they are ambassadors of security, ensuring controlled access and maintaining a welcoming environment. From verifying credentials to managing crowd flow, our door supervisors are adept at handling diverse security scenarios and are first aiders. First Perception’s door supervision services go beyond traditional security, contributing to a positive and secure atmosphere for both patrons and staff.



Trust First Perception to secure your events with our specialized Event Security Services. Our event security team is experienced in handling a variety of events, from concerts, festivals and conferences to private functions. We tailor our security plan to the specific requirements of each event, ensuring a safe and secure environment for organizers and attendees alike. With a focus on crowd management and incident prevention, our event security services contribute to the success of any gathering.



VIP’s and families with a fast-paced, demanding lifestyle can rely on the expertise of our experienced close protection operators (CPO’s). Our service ensures that your daily activities can continue as normal and your security taken care of by our highly trained operatives. Our security teams have extensive knowledge of London and the UK’s other key cities such as Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh and Cardiff.

Our operatives are trained in dispute resolution, self-defence, and advanced first aid, just in case. Professionalism and efficiency are hallmarks of our bodyguard services in London and the rest of the United Kingdom. We have male and female operatives who are in high demand, particularly by families.



Alert and Awake, Keeping Your Spaces Safe

In properties undergoing refurbishment or faced with fire safety concerns, the Team at First Perception takes on the role of vigilant guardians. Their sole purpose is to ensure the safety and security of residents, providing a peace of mind during these critical periods.

At First Perception, our Team is a beacon of reassurance. Their unwavering presence and vigilance provide residents with a sense of security during potentially perilous times. They stand as a testament to our commitment to safeguarding lives and property, ensuring that every individual can rest easy, knowing that their safety is our top priority.

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